Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Proverbs transcribed - #26 (final)

Twenty-six English first-graders were presented with the first half of several proverbs and were asked to provide the second half. I'd like you to come up with the correct one (enjoy the children's version). The vertical line indicates the end of the first half.

26. /ˈbetə ˈleɪt ðn ⎥ ˈpregnənt/

Next I'm going to add the correct version (or one of the correct ones) of each proverb.


  1. why do phoneticians avoid transcribing drink as [d͡ʒɹɪŋk], I mean they do dɹ where I always hear d͡ʒɹ.
    Is the cluster nstr in 'constraints' reducibe?

    1. You can delete the /t/ in the final consonant sequence: /kənˈstreɪns/.

    2. In answer to the first question, perhaps it's because they don't want to appear slightly drunk -- which is the impression given by those (other than small children!) who pronounce 'drink' as [d͡ʒɹɪŋk]... :)

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