Thursday, 7 July 2011

chameleonic authors

Here are some titles of books and their authors. I collected them from various sources. These are nice examples to discuss matters such as assimilation, elision and compression.

1The Demand for Alcohol|Phyllis Glass
2Woman of Property|Iona Mansion
3The Troubles of Old Age| Gerry Attrick
4What Society Needs| Laura Nauder
5Shorter Skirts|Seymour Legge
6Dog's Delight|Nora Bone
7How He Got So Fat|Henrietta Lott
8One Minute to Get the Train|Willie Makitt
9At the South Pole|Anne Tarctic
10At the North Pole|I. C. Blast
11Swimming the Channel|Francis Near
12The Bullfighter|Matt Adore
13The Unknown Author|Anne Onymous
14A Cliff-Top Tragedy|Eileen Dover
15The Cause of Colds|Mike Robe
16The Escaping Sheep|Gay Topen
17The Rear View|Hugh Jarse
18Hole in My Bucket|Lee King
19Bubbles in the Bath|Win D. Bottom
20Out of the Lunch Box|Sam Widge
21Homosexuality|Ben Dover
22The One-Testicled Russian|Iva Bolokov
23The Visitor|Izzy Gone
24How to Write Big Books|Warren Piece
25School Truancy|Marcus Absent
26Shhh!|Danielle Soloud
27Stop Arguing|Xavier Breath
28The World's Deadliest Joke|Theophilus Punoval
29I Didn't Do It|Ivan Alibi
30How I Won the Marathon|Randy Holeway
31Wet Spots on the Wall|I. P. Freely
32Aches and Pains|Arthur Ritis