Tuesday, 2 August 2011

new book on transcription

This new workbook by Paul Tench from Cardiff University promises a "didactic approach to the study and transcription of the words, rhythm and intonation of English" (quotation taken from the web pages of CUP).
credit: CUP

Here is what we are to expect:

Table of Contents

Part I Words ... : Why transcribe?
1. Vowels
2. Consonants
3. Word stress
4. Allophones
5. Accents
6. Phrases
Part II … and Discourse:
7. Rhythm
8. Intonation: tonality
9. Intonation: tonicity
10. Intonation: tone
11. Intonation: secondary tone
12. Intonation: paratones

(What's the difference between chapters 8-11 and chapter 12?) Amazon offers some pages for preview, which led to some corrections and additions here. A more detailed table of contents will be put online later.

The accent assumed is SESP = Southern England Standard Pronunciation. Yet another term!

The book is said to be available "from August 2011". Sorry, but I have my doubts.
The book seems to be out now! I've ordered a copy and will tell you when it arrives.

The price is just below 16 GBP.

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