Friday, 22 June 2012

John C Wells

It has come to my attention that John Wells suffered a minor stroke on Wednesday (20th of June) and is now in a London hospital. I was told he is in good spirits. Please join me in wishing him a full recovery.
Update (1):
As of today (23rd of June), John is in St Helier Hospital, Carshalton in a ward which specifically cares for stroke patients.
Update (2):
John has started blogging again, though not yet on a regular basis. Now this seems very promising!
Update (3):
John suspended blogging from hospital because of the appallingly high prices for wifi and the less than satisfactory connection speed.


  1. Get well soon
    Pob dymuniadau da!

    Martin Ball

  2. From an interested and inspired amateur, get well soon!

  3. As a keen follower and "indirect" pupil, I will certainly join you in wishing him a full recovery.