Saturday, 1 September 2012

blessed be the man that spares these stones ...

credit: Jim Fess
After aged and learned I'd like to take a look at blessed. Again there're basically two pronunciations - /blest/ and /blesɪd, blesəd/. Here are some sample sentences/phrases for you to test yourself:
  1. he was blessed with rare talents;
  2. the Blessed Virgin Mary;
  3. there was blessed silence;
  4. blessed are the poor in spirit;
  5. the priest blessed the bread and wine;
  6. I can't see a blessed thing;
  7. Where's John? - I'm blessed if I know;
BTW: D'you happen to know where those four lines are to be found? It's an epitaph.


  1. The four lines are above Shakespeare's burial place in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford upon Avon. (I had a head start on knowing that one as I went to the same school as Will; we weren't in the same year though.)

    Re sample no 7: the sequence of tenses is surely wrong. It should be: "Where's John? - I'm blessed if I know" or "Where was John? - I was blessed if I knew".

  2. @Kevin: There's indeed a typo in #7. Thanks. Now corrected.

  3. In times gone by the monosyllabic pronunciation was often spelled "blest", so there was no problem about the pronunciation.