Monday, 8 October 2012

be crative!

I've been listening to another broadcast of BBC Radio Four's series Four Thought, this time a talk given by Gerard Darby, freelance writer, researcher and trainer in creativity. In his speech he argues that present-day education damages creativity.
Darby uses the words creative, creatively and creativity several times. Listen to a random selection:

credit: BBC

While I was writing this I saw that Jack Windsor Lewis had also noticed the compression of these words (see his blog # 347).

BTW: Mr Darby seems to be very fond of compressing words. Here are some more:

/sluːʃn/ - solution
/kɒntri/ - contrary
/əpriːʃeɪt/ - appreciate
/ɪnɪʃtɪv/ - initiative


  1. Solution, contrary, initiative - yes, these are the regular everyday pronunciations, for me to. Not sure about appreciate, there could be a yod in there mingling with the voiceless fricative (-ci-).

  2. I very much agree with Sidney's comments. These are all things that I think any GB speaker can slip into very cumftably in informal, relaxed, "shirt-sleeves" modes even with appreciate — we can surely most·v·us happ·ly even say /wi priʃeɪt krauts blɒgz/.

  3. JWL, thanks for your commendation