Sunday, 2 March 2014

Routledge announced a new book:

credit: Routledge

The author is Dr. Adam Brown, senior lecturer at the Auckland Institute of Studies, NZ.
credit: AIS

Here's the table of contents:
Symbols for English Sounds
Section I: Phonetics
1: Introduction
2: Accents of English worldwide
3: Airstreams and the vocal cords
4: Cardinal vowels
5: Vowels
6: The vocal organs and consonant classification
7: Plosives and nasals
8: Fricatives and affricates
9: Approximants
10: Non-English sounds
11: Syllable structure
12: Phonemes
13: Accent differences
14: Phonology
15: Weakening and linking
16: Assimilation and elision
17: Connected speech processes
18: Pausing and speed
19: Word stress
20: Tone groups
21: Tones
22: Rhythm
23: Voice quality
Section II: Pronunciation Teaching
24: Targets
25: Integration
26: The effectiveness of pronunciation teaching
27: Motivation and affect
28: Fossilization
29: First language influence
30: Importance
31: Spelling: History
32: Spelling: Literacy
33: Nonverbal communication
34: Listening
35: Testing
Section III: Sample Exercises
Sample exercises
Answers to exercises

The book will be available by the end of March (so they say).
Update 1: I ordered the book a couple of days ago. It's supposed to arrive on Monday. 
Update 2: The book has arrived.

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