Saturday, 17 May 2014

Looks promising!

credit: CUP
"Sounds interesting" is the title of a new book written by John C Wells to appear in October 2014. It will contain selected entries of a blog run by John until the 22nd of April 2013 when it was discontinued. The text is livened up by drawings done by Lhinton Davidson. Here is the
  • Table of Contents

    1. How do you say…?
    2. English phonetics: theory and practice
    3. Teaching and examining
    4. Intonation
    5. Symbol shapes, fonts, and spelling
    6. English accents
    7. Phonetics around the world
    Index of words
    General index.
The book will cost around 16 GB.


  1. I've already set aside the money!

  2. That's good news. Thanks for telling us about this!

    I've just gone on his blog now. It seems that some people are still going back to check it and even comment on his old posts. For example, I recalled a post on the Black Country, and found a whole new discussion conducted in April 2014. The blog is obviously still a useful resource for many.

  3. I just heard about this yesterday. I followed John's blog for years so I've probably already read everything that will be in this book, but I might buy it anyway.