Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The sound /l/ in your mouth - but how?

I'm shore (sorry: sure) you can pronounce the sound /l/ without difficulty, but do you know exactly what your tongue does when it's supposed to pronounce the sound? Did you know that one side of your tongue is bent downwards? The question of existential importance is this: Which side is it you bend downwards? Are you a right-bender or a left-bender?
Here's an answer to this tormenting question.
  1. Articulate an ell, i.e. /l/.
  2. While doing this, freeze your tongue position; don't move it!
  3. Now inhale the air.
  4. Which side of your tongue gets cold?
  5. If it's the left side, you're a left-bender, otherwise a right-bender.
There you are!
Krautus locutus - causa finita!

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