Sunday, 29 October 2017

Pronunciation exercises for EAL students - no. 5

The following sentences contain words with word-final voiced or voiceless bilabial plosives, i.e. /p/ and /b/ as in lap - lab. Make sure the vowel in front of /p/ is shorter than in front of /b/. If the plosives are preceded by a sonorant, it's the latter which is shortened if /p/ follows.

  1. The zoo assistant went over to the pub.
  2. The zoo assistant went over to the pup.
  3. Please, pass me the robe.
  4. Please, pass me the rope.
  5. The cat was sitting in my lab.
  6. The cat was sitting in my lap.
  7. This tribe is harmless.
  8. I'm not going to watch the tripe that's on TV:.
  9. There's a mop around the corner.
  10. There's a mob around the corner.
  11. Rip the flesh from the rib-cage.
  12. The cop was young and eager to learn.
  13. The cob was young and eager to learn.
  14. I take a nap every afternoon.
  15. The police will nab you for speeding.
  16. He left his cap in a cab.
  17. Watch out or I give you a bop on the nose.
  18. At last I’m making a few bob.
  19. I'll have the crab cake, please.
  20. I don't believe all that crap.
  21. It's not that simple.
  22. The dove is a symbol of peace.
  23. I've prepared an apple crumble.
  24. Be careful or you'll crumple to the ground.
  25. A tulip bulb is not a seed.
  26. He drank the whiskey in one gulp. 

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