Thursday 14 October 2010

comments on comments on PhoTransEdit
Jack Windsor Lewis in his blog #307 kindly took the trouble to subject the longer text sample (see my blog of the 12 of October) automatically transcribed by the 'PhoTransEdit'-tool to close scrutiny. His overall verdict: "[the tool] ambitiously makes a remarkably good shot at the job." I also fully agree with his inference that "[t]he most serious problems are failure to recognise certain grammatical categories." I need not comment on his line-by-line observations; rather, readers are referred to his blog #307 (vide supra). JWL opines that vertical bars are redundant as indicators of a speaker change. But since the source text does not indicate a change of speaker I'd say that those vertical bars are not superfluous.

There are two major options to be selected or de-selected:
(1) show/remove stress marks,
(2) show/remove syllable boundaries.

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