Friday, 16 September 2011

Malcolm Muggeridge - sound snippet

"[...] so that to this day the BBC is thought of as the organ of the, as it were, genteel and respectable elements in society." There seems to be some flaw in the sound track that gives me impression that there is an r-sound after the vowel in 'thought'.


  1. I can't hear the /r/, I'm afraid.

    The thing that struck me was the /z θ/ sequence. On first listening I heard 'sort' for 'thought'.

  2. I hear z then θ, but his sibilants are a bit in the direction of the affected lisp in general.

    Interesting that he stresses 'genteel, maybe somehow in the context.

  3. @Paul Carley: That was also my impression; So I wrote down what I heard and did not check the syntax. Maybe some technician tried to improve the overall sound quality of the film by cutting off higher frequencies.

  4. The vowel in "thought" sounds to me like a very narrow diphthong -- something like [oʊ] with a slightly lowered [o]. I can't hear an /r/ though.