Saturday, 17 September 2011

minimal pair sentences with /ʧ/ and /ʤ/


Here's a list of minimal pair sentences containing words contrasting /ʧ/ and /ʤ/:
  1. I believe he’s joking/choking.
  2. The crowd jeered/cheered them.
  3. What happened to your gin/chin?
  4. She dropped her jello/cello.
  5. They’re Jane’s/chains.
  6. Is that badge/batch ready yet?
  7. Marge/March is fine with me.
  8. Did you see her lunge/lunch?
  9. It’s a little ridge/rich.
  10. They’re surging/searching now. 
  11. Who's that miserable Reg/wretch
  12. I prefer Jess/chess
  13. I like his Joyce/choice.

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