Sunday 23 December 2012

a rarer type of assimilation

John Maidment in his blog of the 14th of December reports on a rare type of assimilation illustrated by examples such as something as /sʌnθɪŋ/ or himself as /hɪnself/. The speaker who used these assimilations is Fiona Bruce, broadcaster of the BBC News at Ten. On the 21st John heard another such assimilation. I was lucky to have recorded this news broadcast so that I'm able to provide evidence. Listen to the sentence "... But now on BBC One it's time to join our news teams where you are"; you clearly hear her say /taɪn tə/.

credit: BBC one

The phrase "time to" starts at about 0:06 in the zoomed-in version of the clip. Watch her lips!


  1. Well done, Petr. I was pleased to notice this particular utterance, because the others were word-internal, whereas this one has assimilation across a word-boundary.

  2. Another splendidly stimulating post!
    I wonder if any other Kraut fans wd like to c·mpare their impressions of 40 words from one of our most justly admired news presenters with mine. Food for thaut for those who think that I find too many 'lax' pronunciations to be commonplace.

    wəl `ats ɪt fm ˈᴧs | ðɛz ˎmɔː | ɒn ðə bibsi ˈnjʉz ʧanl | ɪŋxlʉdɪŋ ə ˈfrɛʃ ˈlək | ət təˈmɒɾz frᴧnt ˎpeɪʤɪz
    | bət ˈnã̟ʊ | ɒn bibisi ˈwᴧn |
    ɪs ˈtaɪn tə ˈʤɔɪn | ɑ njʉ simz wɛ ˎjʉ ɑ | ˈbɐ ˈbaɪh