Sunday 30 December 2012

Fiona Bruce again

credit: Kotomicreations
I accept JWL's challenge (see my blog of the 23rd of December) and transcribe Fiona Bruce's signing-off sentence myself /hɛː/. A few comments are added. The sentence goes like this:

Well, that's it from us. There's more on the BBC news channel including a fresh look at tomorrow's front pages. But now on BBC One it's time to join our news teams where you are. Bye-bye.
 First, here's JWL's version again:
[wəl `ats ɪt fm ˈᴧs | ðɛz ˎmɔː | ɒn ðə bibsi ˈnjʉz ʧanl | ɪŋxlʉdɪŋ ə ˈfrɛʃ ˈlək | ət təˈmɒɾz frᴧnt ˎpeɪʤɪz | bət ˈnã̟ʊ | ɒn bibisi ˈwᴧn | ɪs ˈtaɪn tə ˈʤɔɪn | ɑ njʉ simz wɛ ˎjʉ ɑ | ˈbɐ ˈbaɪh] 

Here's my version split up in several chunks of various length:
1. [wə ðæts ɪt fm ˎʌs] (This section lasts roughly 600ms. Mark the relaxed weakform pronunciations of well and from. In contrast to JWL I do hear a voiced 'th' at the beginning of that.) 
2. [ðɛz ˎmɔː ʔɒn ə biˑbsi ˈnjʉ ʧænl̩] (Note the weakform for the definite article the. I can't spot an eth in the. The whole phrase lasts about 1.38s. )
3. [ɪŋɣ̊lʉdɪŋ ə ˈfrɛʃ lɘk ɘth] (The /k/ in including is a slightly voiced velar fricative; the vowel quality of look and at is difficult to determine because the vowel duration is extremely short. For my ears the vowels have a fairly half close character.)
4. [tˈmɒrz̥ frᴧnt ˎpeɪʤɪz] (For a news presenter it's a very relaxed pron of tomorrow's.)
5. [bət ˏnã̟ʊ] (There's a low rise on now.)
6. [ʔɒ̃n ˊbibisi wᴧn] (with a high rise on BBC One)
7. [ɪs ˈtaɪn tə ˈʤɔɪn ʔɑ ˈnjʉ siːm wɛ jʉ ɑ] (Mark the change of the consonant sequence at the word boundary between news and teams.)
8. [bɐ ˈbaɪ] (The diphthong in bye has an almost whispery character.)

Update: Please don't miss Jack Windsor Lewis's blog no. 432 on this topic.


  1. I got the impression that there was a rise (or at least a high level tone) on "us", in the first sentence. I need to give it a second listening.

  2. I know I'm coming to your posts two weeks late, but do neither of you perhaps think that she said "first look" instead of "fresh look"?