Saturday, 1 June 2013

tight-fisted sleeping bag supplier

My daughter bought a sleeping bag recently from a British producer of equipment for climbers, expeditionists, mountaineers etc. The bag came with "a good night's sleep guarantee".
After having read the German translation I tossed and turned in my 'sleeping bag'.

This is how Google Translator would have rendered the English text into German:
Wir sind so zuversichtlich, dass diese Schlafsack hält Sie warm und komfortabel, dass sie mit unserer "Eine gute Nachtruhe" Garantie kommt.
Sollten Sie sich entscheiden, dass dieser Schlafsack nicht so warm, wie Sie es haben wir es zu einem von wärmeren Spezifikation Upgrade erwartet - gibt Ihnen Frieden des Verstandes, um darüber hinaus zu gehen.
 Dear supplier! Do you have to be so stingy? A professional translator would have cost you less than 50 quid.
Tsk, tsk, tsk!


  1. You probably have to be a linguist to recognise the defects of these translations. The general public would see a fantastic opportunity. But there's worse to come. We've recently learnt of efforts at wholesale harvesting of ominous knowledge. Such knowledge is probably gathered via these translations when the originals are in more exotic languages.

  2. When transatlantic paranoids look at the harvest through a 'prism', it doesn't matter if the translation is faulty. 'Yes, we scan' seems to be all that counts. Having written this I soon expect to see a car with tinted windows parking in front of the house where I live.

    1. More likely, you'll just notice an increase in the pause durations of your aetherial interactions while they're getting extra attention.