Monday, 7 July 2014

People Speaking - Dialogue 27.2

Here's my suggestion of a transcription of the first line of dialogue no. 27

1a) Jim: Hullo, Margaret. Had a good holiday?
1b) `hᴧˏləʊ, mɑgrət.  ˈhad ə gʊd ˏhɒlə

On we go with the second line:
2a) Margaret: Hullo, Jim. Yes. Very nice, thanks.
2b) `haləʊ, ˏʤɪm. `jes. `veri naɪs ˏθaŋks.
Listen to the audio snippet:

My impression of 2a) is this:
2c) `hæləʊ, ˏʤɪm. `jes. `veri naɪs ˌθæŋks. 

The speaker's TRAP vowel is closer to CV3 than to CV4, which justifies the use of the ash symbol. I agree with all the tonemarks but one: "thanks" is said with a BASS tone. Here's the pitch contour of the whole line:

(There are some artefacts in the pitch contours; some of the pitch movements do not correspond with the auditory impression etc. See also Jack Windsor Lewis's blog no. 479.)


  1. I think you're right, but it is curious that, after listening to it a few times, I have begun to "feel" a very slight rising tone in θaŋks.