Monday, 21 July 2014

People Speaking - Dialogue 27.3

Here are the third and fourth lines of the dialogue (with 3b and 4b representing Jack Windsor Lewis's tonemarks):

3a) Jim: You went to the Lake District, didnt you?
3b) ˈYou ˈwent | to the `Lake District, ˏdidnt you?
3c) ju went ˊtə ðə leɪk ˌdɪstrɪkt, ̗dɪdn̩t ju?
4a) Margaret: No. Scotland.
4b) `No. `Scotland.
4c)`nəʊ `skɒtlənd

A few comments on Jim's intonation:

To my ears "you went" is a fall from high to mid and "to the lake" from mid to high again. "district" is said at bass level and the tag question "didn't you" rises from low to high.


  1. Here we go again (I’m afraid I tend to hear [phantom] fall-rises everywhere):

    You \/went | to the \Lake ˌDistrict | /didn’t you?
    \No | \/Scotland.

    (High pre-head on “You”, Fall-rise on “went”, High fall on “Lake”, low stress on “Dis-“, Low rise on “did-“, High fall on “No” and Fall-rise through “Scotland”).

  2. Emilio, I hereby appoint you 'Phantom of the Fall-Rise' ;-)

  3. Well thank you! That sounds very aristocratic. So I swear I will keep nurturing my little Fall-Rises wherever they may be.