Sunday 26 October 2014

Jon Arvid Afzelius, Engelsk Uttalsordbok, (1909)


This is to inform the phonetic community that Jon Arvid Afzelius's dictionary "A concise pronouncing dictionary of English" ("Engelsk Uttalsordbok" is the Swedish title) is now available online as a pdf version. Go to this site and click "Klicka här för att ladda ner filen".


  1. Nice find. KB is the Swedish national library (kungliga biblioteket), but this appears to be an experimental site. Perhaps they're working towards putting pdf versions online. I checked their main site but couldn't see any obvious info or link.

    1. Seems so. That link site contains seven html-docs, one of them being the Afzelius dict, another one is a book by Strindberg on religion. These digitised books are part of a European cooperation of libraries called EOD = Ebooks on Demand (see here: for more information.

    2. Not all of the ebooks are for free. I searched for Wyld's History of Modern Colloquial English. The Umeå University Library charges you SEK 697