Thursday, 20 November 2014

Uneasy listening

No, I'm not referring to the Finnish band HIM. It's rather about this lady's style of enunciation:

Ms Eleanor Maier - a senior editor of the OED and no doubt a lover of language - addresses a world-wide audience including many non-native speakers of British English. Has it never occurred to her or to the other OUP staff responsible for this video clip that this speech is difficult to understand, distracts listeners from the contents because they are forced to concentrate on guessing where all the syllables have gone that she dropped? You may judge me as being too harsh in my verdict, but I think she should take a few elocution lessons before she produces another video clip addressed to a world-wide audience.

I'm going to look into her enunciation in a later post.

I forgot to mention that it was Alex Rotatori who drew my attention to this clip. Sorry for my negligence!

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