Sunday, 12 November 2017

Pronunciation exercises for EAL students - no. 8

'Uckly' sounds ugly

Some of my phonetics students tend to replace the consonant sequences /-gl-/, /-gn-/ and /-gr-/ by their partners /-kl-/, /-kn-/ and /-kr-/.
  1. He thinks he's ugly but he's not.
  2. They live in an ugly block of flats.
  3. Jealousy is an ugly emotion.
  4. It's a really ugly picture of me.
  5. Indoctrination is such an ugly word.
  6. The couple are in an ugly fight over who will get the children.
  7. An igloo is a house made from blocks of hard snow or ice.
  8. The house is shaped like a gigantic igloo.
  9. The Inuit word 'igloo' means house.
  10. The evening sky was still aglow.
  11. Her face was aglow with happiness.
  12. The title of Tracey Peterson's book is Hearts Aglow
  13. This chemical will agglutinate the cancer cells.
  14. The virus has lost the ability to agglutinate blood cells. 
  15. When powders are added to liquids, they tend to agglomerate.
  16. After contact, the wetted particles agglomerate rapidly
  17. The candle ignited the plastic. 
  18. These were the events that ignited the war in Europe.
  19. The compound ignites at 450 degrees Celsius.
  20. You can’t ignore the fact that many criminals never go to prison.
  21. Paul left his key in the ignition again.
  22. This is the most likely source of ignition.
  23. The phone rang but they ignored it.
  24. John rudely ignored the question.
  25. Just ignore him and he'll stop pestering you.
  26. The waiter totally ignored Glen. 
  27. He was derided as an unschooled ignoramus.
  28. I don't believe in God - I am an agnostic. 
  29. Dreaming is a highly complex cognitive activity.
  30. This substance is said to enhance cognitive functions.

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