Saturday, 18 November 2017

Pronunciation exercises for EAL students - no. 9

This blog is about word-final /ʧ/ and /ʤ/ and pre-fortis clipping.

  1. I have a batch of documents here for you to sign.
  2. We are delighted to have the first batch of products.
  3. I was handed a badge with my name on it.
  4. I see this as a badge of honour.
  5. The eighth letter of the alphabet is the aitch.
  6. In the word heir you drop the aitch.
  7. She's 23 years of age.
  8. Hyacinth is the same age as me.
  9. The bird balanced on a branch of a larch.
  10. The larch is a popular tree species.
  11. The sums of money he had lost were large.
  12. Charities, by and large, do not pay tax.
  13. The police did not ban the march.
  14. She started work last March.
  15. In informal spoken British English margerine is often pronounced marge.
  16. Marjorie and Margaret are often shortened to Marge.
  17. The Nile perch is an edible fish.
  18. A high place where you can watch things is called a perch.
  19. Were there any plans to purge ethnic minorities?
  20. You should purge your hard disks before you leave the company.
  21. She was obviously stinking rich.
  22. The houses in this street belong to the rich and famous.
  23. The sun disappeared behind the ridge.
  24. It was just a small ridge of sand.
  25. Do an online search on ‘rabbit’ and see what it brings up.
  26. It was too dark to search further.
  27. Last year there was a surge in our profits.
  28. Adrenalin will surge through your veins.

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