Thursday, 20 January 2011

practise what you preach
In yesterday's phonetics class I asked my German students which errors were likely to be made in this sentence:

The drug dealer crept under the truck to abscond from justice.
Think about it for a minute!

1. Voiceless initial and final plosives/obstruents and concomitant pre-fortis shortening: drug dealer -> truck dealer
2. Use of the wrong allomorph of {to}: to abscond -> // abscond (which almost inevitably leads to/is accompanied by an insertion of the glottal plosive) 
3. Glottal stop insertion: ʔunder, ʔabscond 
4. Voiceless initial affricate in <justice>.
5.  Strong form of <from> instead of /fr(ə)m/


  1. One could be the neutralization of final /g/-/k/ with 'drug' being pronounced with final /k/ especially with the cue of 'truck' later in the sentence?

  2. @Martin: Yep! See my update

  3. /d/ → /t/ at the end of 'abscond'