Sunday 13 March 2011

new book on phonetics out soon

credit: Hodder Education
Hodder Education announced the publication of a new book on phonetics, which is due out on the 29th of April this year. List price is £21.99 (Amazon UK grants you a 15 per cent discount). 
Here's the table of contents:

1. Starting phonetics
2. The role of the larynx
3. Place of articulation
4. Manner of articulation
5. Airstream mechanisms
6. Describing vowels
7. Further parameters of variation in vowels
8. Further parameters of variation in consonants
9. Connected speech - segment dynamics

10. Beyond the segment

credit: University of Westminster
The author is Patricia Ashby (alias Patricia Scott Sheldon). She is Principal Lecturer in Phonetics at the University of Westminster. She has worked at Westminster since 1975. 
I look forward to reading the book.

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  1. Hear! Hear! I'm equally eager, as I'm sure heaps of the students who've enjoyed her lively lectures on the annual UCL Summer Courses will be.