Tuesday 27 March 2012

reading the news in a diaphanous negligee - no. 2

For those of you who enjoy Patricia Hughes's voice  here's another sound clip - and this time it's free, unscripted speech -. The recording was made as part of the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of BBC Radio 3 on the 29th of September 2006. In this sound clip Patricia Hughes reminisces about one particular day in her career as newsreader. Her voice has lost a teeny bit of its velvet character when compared to a recording of her made on the 23rd of January 1978. In the latter recording she introduces performance of the String Quartet No. 2 in C, op. 5 composed by André Tchaikowsky.

1. Introductory remarks to the string Quartet - 1978

2. Reading the news in a diaphanous negligee - 2006(?)
(It's about 3 mins long)

2.1 Culture studies section:

a) Here's a (modern) photograph of the hotel Patricia Hughes talks about, and a map is added to give you an idea about the distance between the hotel and the BBC building.

The Langham, London
credit: www.langhamhotels.co.uk
credit: maps.google.co.uk

b) At about 2:26 Patricia Hughes (= PH) says: "But I do listen to Wigmore Hall sometimes." Wigmore Hall is an Edwardian style concert hall in London. Every week on Mondays a concert is broadcast by BBC Radio 3.

"That's, that's a lunchtime concert ... that's like St. John's." (2:38).
St. John's, built in 1728 and restored after WWII, is a Baroque concert venue where lunchtime concerts are given.

credit: www.panoramio.com
credit: Zefrog

2.2 Phonetic section:
(to be added later)

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