Saturday 26 May 2012

Night's phonetics

credit: CUP

I checked out from the library Rachael-Anne Knight's book Phonetics, published in 2012 by CUP. Judging from a very cursory flip through the book, I think, it should rather have been called English Phonetics.

The author has been senior lecturer in phonetics at the City University London since 2007.

Here's the
Table of Contents

1. The difference between speech and writing
2. Consonant voicing
3. Consonant place of articulation
4. Consonant manner of articulation
5. The IPA chart and mid-sagittal sections for consonants
6. Vowels
7. Airstream mechanisms
8. Syllables and stress
9. Allophonic variations of voice
10. Allophonic variations of place
11. Allophonic variations of manner
12. Allophonic variations of vowels
13. Allophonic transcription and parametric diagrams
14. Speech sound variation
15. Weak forms and elision
16. Liaison
17. Assimilation
18. Broad transcription
19. Intonation
20. Functions of intonation

More on the book in a future blog post.


  1. Replies
    1. Good! Any comments, impressions you'd like to share with us either here or in your own blog?

    2. I think one of the best things about this book is that it has a lot of review questions and exercises for practising the subject of (English) phonetics in a very "interactive" way.

    3. @Alex: I've started giving the book a closer look, and it was exactly the same impression I gained - the best feature is the exercise and review section of each chapter.