Thursday, 31 May 2012


credit: Szilagyi Lenke
The northernmost point from which a reader had/has access to my blog lies somewhere in or around Finnsnes in Norway. The town lies at a latitude of 69 degrees north.


  1. My recent time in Newcastle was north enough for me.

    1. In the 1980s I had an encounter of the third kind with a car park cashier in Newcastle. When I asked him at which shops I could get the parking fee refunded, he opened his mouth and a torrent of sounds came out of it of which I understood nothing - nada - niente. As there was no interpreter around and as he didn't provide any subtitles, I still don't know what the gentleman tried to tell me. That was enough for ME.

    2. I suppose that's the advantage of artificial English over real English.

      You have some Arctic followers in Alaska too.

    3. Sidney: Yes, they are from Fairbanks, which is 64 degrees northern latitude.