Sunday, 7 April 2013

IPA 1900 - cont'd no. 2

What were the books recommended to the readers of the Exposé des Principes de l’Association Phonétique Internationale in 1900?
This is a scan of the 2nd page of the booklet with these recommendations:

Here is some additional bibliographical information on some entries:
1 A. W. Burt, A manual of elementary phonetics. Toronto 1898 [available online here]
2 J. Storm, Englische Philologie - Anleitung zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten. I. Die lebende Sprache. 1. Abteilung: Phonetik und Aussprache. Heilbronn 1881 [available online here]
3 Elements of phonetics is an adaptation and translation of Vietor's Kleine Phonetik by Walter Rippmann
I forgot to supply additional information on:

  • Charles H. Grandgent, Vowel measurements. Deprinted from the PMLA, Suppl. to vol. 5, no. 2, 1890 [available online here]

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