Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Scottish extraction

credit: www.thechurning.com

In my previous blog entry I announced a disclosure as regards my ancestry. Here it is:
My paternal great-great-grandmother was Scottish. Alas, that's all I know about her.
When I was in Scotland two decades ago, I inquired about being allowed to wear a kilt: "/no:/" was the answer. They congratulated me, however, on having Scottish blood running through 'me veins'. The good thing about not being allowed to wear a kilt is that people won't try to turn me /arʊnd/. 

sorry lads!

BTW: Today is summer solstice on the Northern Hemisphere. Solstice is basically Latin sol (= sun) sistere (= stand still) and entered the English language via French solstice. The pronunciation is /ˈsɒlstɪs/ or /ˈsɒlstəs/.