Friday 17 June 2011

Sebastian Horsley - † 17th June 2010

credit: Fiona Campbell
Today is the first anniversary of the death of a man who was, by his own account, a dandy and artist and who was a talented self-promoter: Marcus A. Horsley, better known as Sebastian Horsley. He was born in (Kingston upon) Hull on the 8th of August 1962; he went to Pocklington School in Yorkshire and later to Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, where he graduated in 1983.On the 17th of June 2010 he was found dead in his London home. According to the coroner he died of a drug overdose. He now has "an irregular orbit".

Listen to his 'dandy' (?) pronunciation of English (the short soundtrack was extracted from a interview he gave to a German radio station):
credit: Hessischer Rundfunk


  1. Is this a "posh" accent? Is it fashionable or laughable? It doesn't sound that bad to me! (I also like Brian Sewell's accent, I must confess, though it is a bit difficult to understand sometimes.)

  2. He certn'y sounds dandyish!

    I also like Brian Sewell's accent because it's so hilariously posh.
    Hearing him say alCOVE, which Daniel Jones probbly thaut was obsolete by 1917, one wonders if he also sez balCOny.

  3. A year already since this poor fool died.

    I find Brian Sewell's accent remarkable because it features hyperposh things such as the retroflex ʃ and close, strictly monophthongal s and s. The remarkable part is that, as far as I know, he grew up speaking RP or U-RP, as opposed to people like Noel Coward, whose hyperposhisms may be explained more easily.

  4. When I'm in need of a good laugh I watch a video clip with Brian Sewell. His accent is posh cubed.

  5. Unfortunately, I find Sewell such a repulsive character that I can't bear to listen to him. Maybe I'm just too sensitive.