Sunday, 19 September 2010

RP as an institutionalised label

Jack Windsor Lewis (= JWL) in his blog no. 297 of the 18th of September 2010 casts doubt a) on my application of the term 'coiner' to the use of the phrase 'received pronunciation' by Lluyd and b) on the "institutionalised use" of said phrase by Lluyd and Walker. I fully agree with  JWL in his verdict that neither Lluyd nor Walker seemed to have intended to establish a "definitory label" as I called it. I explicitly made this clear in my blog on Walker; alas, I forgot to repeat myself in my blog on Lluyd (mea culpa!). As regards the term 'coiner' I intended to express what is contained in one of the various meanings of the verb 'to coin': to frame, shape, compose a new phrase or word. If an earlier source of the phrase 'received pronunciation' should be found attributable to a person other than Lluyd, then, well then the latter will have to be deprived of the title of coiner of the expression and the trophy will go to someone else.

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