Friday 19 November 2010

minimal pair sentences: /e/ and /æ/

Here's a list of minimal pair sentences containing words contrasting /e/ and /æ/:
(as at 19th November)
'ear this!
  1. You can't say dad/dead on a gravestone.
  2. Charles confesses: I love Alan/Ellen.
  3. Will the man/men come?
  4. This pan/pen leaks.
  5. They bought a lot of jams/gems from the specialty shop.
  6. He was sanding/sending some furniture when I called.
  7. I like Barry's/berries best.
  8. I hope you will land/lend me a fish.
  9. We had Brad/bread for lunch.
  10. It's easy to get feta/fatter. (GB only)
  11. I can't find the kettle/cattle.
  12. The letter/latter might arrive tomorrow.
  13. Don't pet/pat that dog.
  14. Some ten/tan leather gloves were stolen.
  15. He's a very fleshy/flashy person.
  16. Benn/Ban on smoking ads.
  17. Mothers are worried about creche/crash kids.
  18. This is the latest Texas/taxes survival guide.
  19. Celebs are not opposed to the pleasures of the flesh/flash.
  20. We had bread/Brad for lunch.
  21. I hate nets/gnats over my bed.
  22. It was a lonely trek/track through the forest.
  23. The police have arrested a rebel/rabble leader.
  24. What about some celery/salary?
  25. It ends as an elegy/allergy. (GB only)
  26. They kept/capped the price.
  27. This melody/malady gives me a headache.
  28. It's a new pedal/paddle that you need.
(as at 24th November)
  1. I formed a small bend/band.
  2. My wife sometimes gets into an expensive/expansive mood.
 (mess-mass, bet-bat, Ken-can, band-bend, fed-fad) BTW: This is a treasure trove for finding minimal pairs. Thank you, John Higgins!


    1. Thank you so much. These sentences are very helpfull

    2. Thank you so much for providing these sentences. Anyway, do you know where can I find the audio format of consonant minimal pairs in sentences or dialogue and/or in texts? I really need it for exercise. Thank you.