Saturday 13 November 2010

The Two Ronnies - four candles (6)

C: Yes, next?
B: [ˌɡɒniˈphɪiz] {= got any peas}?
C: For Gawd' sake, why didn' you bleedin' tell me that while I’m up there then? Rants about B. I've got all this shop, but ain't got any help. Continues ranting. How many d'you want?
B: No! Tins of [phe̝iz] {= peas}. Three tins of peas!
C: [juːrævɪnmiɒn] {= you're havinɡ me on}, aren’t you, you’re 'avin' me on?
B: I'm not!
C: gets three tins of peas. Here we are. Right.

The only new feature worth mentioning here is the replacement of /ŋ/ by /n/ as in bleedin’ or havin’. The audience laughs very loudly at times and Ronnie C walks away from the mike, which makes some of his precious words impossible to understand.

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