Friday, 5 November 2010

The Two Ronnies - four candles (5)

B: [ˌɡɒniˈɛʊz̥] {= got any O’s}?
C: [ɛʊz̥] {= hoes}?
B: [ɛʊz̥].
C: brings a hoe.
B: No, [ɛʊz̥].
C: [ɛʊz̥]! {= hose}. I thought you meant [ɛʊz̥] {= hoes}.
B: [ɛʊz̥].
C: [ɛʊz̥].
B: mumbling something while he goes to fetch a hose. [ə ʔɛʊz] [ɪts ən ʔɛʊz ju ment ən ʔɛʊz]. Puts it on the counter. There.
C: No, [ɛʊz̥].
B: ˋ ˊ [ɛʊz̥]? What a … Oh, you mean pantyhose! Pantyhose.
C: No, no, [ɛʊz̥] [ɛʊz̥]. [ɛʊz̥] for a gate. Mon repose. O’s. [ˈleʔər ɛʊz̥]  {= letter O's}.
B: Letter O’s. [menidjuwɒn] {= how many do you want}?
C: [tɘʉ] {= two}.

B: [tɘʉ]. [rɔɪ] {= right}?

The diphthong [ɛ̞ʊ] is interesting here.  The onset (i.e. the start of the diphthong) is much further forward than in General British. It starts at a fairly fronted and lowered [ɛ]. The diphthong in two starts in a very high, central position. Listen also to the fall-rise on ˋ ˊ [ɛʊz̥] signalling Ronnie C.'s extreme puzzlement shortly before he offers his customer a pantyhose.

BTW: In my first blog entry (24th of Oct.) concerning this sketch I wrote: "The original title was Annie Finkhouse." Do you catch the pun? If not, I will give you a hint.

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