Tuesday 2 November 2010

The Two Ronnies - four candles (4)

B: [ˌsɔː ˈtɪps] {= saw tips}.
C: [ˌsɔː ˈtɪps] {= sore tips}. What d’you want? [ɔɪ̃ʔmər
əsʌmɪŋlaɪʔðæʔ] {= Ointment or something like that}?
B: No, saw tips [fər] {= for} [kʌvərn] {= covering} the [sɔːs] {= saws}. Tips.
C: No, we haven’t got any. Coming …
B. Oh!
C: Coming in, but we haven’t got any.

In this section we hear some r-sounds which may make you think it's a highly rhotic accent the two actors are speaking in. The only unambiguous case, it seems to me, is the r-sound in for in the phrase saw tips for covering the saws. The [r] in covering is in pre-consonantal position due to schwa deletion. In the phrase ointnent or something like that a schwa is inserted (at least I think I hear one after the [r]), so we get r-linking. If the accent was highly rhotic Ronnie Corbett would pronounce an r-sound in sore tips.

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